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The tasks for week 16 are as follows:

Week problem: 10611 The playboy Chimp
Weekend problem: 11413 Fill the Containers
Suggested bonus: 11935 Through the Desert

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Please post below which of the questions you have been able to finish.

For each task, please let us know how much time you have spent on understanding / coding / debugging.

For each task let us know what the hardest part was. (This can be anything, ranging from not having read the problem to forgetting about a border case, to a semicolon in the wrong spot that screwed up an if-statement...)

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I solved the week problem, and it runs in 0.036s.

The problem was pretty easy to understand, and quick to code. Some things were explained not so clearly. I spend the most time debugging and making sure special situations were handled well.

The hardest part was a border case. To handle this border case I had to rewrite my whole algorithm.

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Great! Thanks for the update. Let me know how hard the other two problems for this week were.

Yeah, there was one corner case I also ran into. I realised it could happen while thinking but forgot about it while implementing, I should really make notes

First one was indeed simple, just upper and lower bound binary search (with a few border cases). Second one was a bit more difficult, but not really (same strategy as for the Jobs question from CEOI).