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Week 3 - Tasks - Dynamic Programming (1)

The tasks for week 3 are as follows:

Week problem: CXV -> 11517 Exact Change
Weekend problem: CIII -> 10337 Flight Planner
Suggested bonus: CIX -> 10943 How do you add?

You must submit your solutions on

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asked Jun 18, 2012 in Tasks by eljakim
edited Jun 18, 2012 by eljakim

Please post below which of the tasks you have been able to finish.

For each task, please let us know how much time you have spent on understanding / coding / debugging.

For each task let us know what the hardest part was. (This can be anything, ranging from not having read the problem to forgetting about a border case, to a semicolon in the wrong spot that screwed up an if-statement...)

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