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The tasks for week 6 are as follows:

Week problem: 00315 Network
Weekend problem: 11080 Place the Guards
Suggested bonus: 11838 Come and Go

Read up on articulation points, bipartite graphs and strongly connected components.

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Please post below which of the questions you have been able to finish.

For each task, please let us know how much time you have spent on understanding / coding / debugging.

For each task let us know what the hardest part was. (This can be anything, ranging from not having read the problem to forgetting about a border case, to a semicolon in the wrong spot that screwed up an if-statement...)

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I had some trouble with Network as the input does not give how many of each there are, it depends on lines instead, which I am not used to.

I also just switched to VIM

I did the other two easily, the third one in literally 5 minutes

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Did you use Tarjan Algorithm for the third problem? Because you can also solve it using a simple O(V^2) DFS, but you should have used Tarjan: O(E+V) :). Unfortunately the test cases are bad....

I also had the most problems with Network, first I misunderstood the algorithm for articulation points.

Yeah, DFS on every point did the job fine, N was never more than 2000

I am learning Tarjan's tomorrow, the network problem of the CEOI also needed this algorithm

Yes I know that Network subtask A also needed Tarjan, that was for me the reason to use Tarjan here, so that I really understand it :) (it's not difficult).